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Special Events Committee

The OCPBA Special Events Committee is responsible for all aspects surrounding any event undertaken by the OCPBA, including and especially our fundraisers.  The OCPBA's most successful and popular fundraiser to date is our Annual 'End of Summer Bash' held every September.


Members of the OCPBA Special Events Committee

Chris Ebert - Barnegat PBA #296 (Chairman

Pete Andreyev - Pt. Beach PBA #106

Steve Kelusak - Lakewood PBA #71 

Keith Pearce - Lacey PBA #238 

Artie Cronk - Manchester PBA #246

Ed Weimmer - PBA #600


Scholarship Committee

The OCPBA Scholarship Committee awards scholarships annually to matriculating high school seniors whose mother or father is a current or former Local PBA President or State Delegate.


Members of the OCPBA Scholarship Committee:

Pete Andreyev - Pt. Beach PBA #106

Frank Cipully - Jackson PBA #168 

Adam O’Connor – Beachwood/Pine Beach PBA #253

Judiciary Committee

The OCPBA Judiciary Committee is empowered to conduct the initial hearing on charges between Local Associations, or members of different Local Associations, within their respective County Conference which have been assigned to it by the President of the State PBA or the Chairperson of the State PBA Judiciary Committee through its County Chairperson.


Members of the OCPBA Judiciary Committee:

Frank Cipully - Jackson PBA #168 (Chairman)

Pete Andreyev - Pt. Beach PBA #106

Ed Williams - Long Beach Island PBA #175

Vincent Cipully - OC Sheriff's PBA #379

Jim Burgess - Brick PBA #230

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